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Coding Pedantics

About Me

My name is Mark. I'm a husband, a father, and a cynical computer scientist.

I spend most of my working hours frustrated with computers [1]. When I'm not questioning my career path, I enjoy tinkering with machine learning and infosec [2] and – in particular – dreaming about how to apply the former to the latter.

When I'm not working, I'm usually doing something that looks like work to most other people, because even though I act like I don't like my work, I absolutely freakin' love my work. I love to read, love to tinker, love to build, and love to break that which others have built. (And then submit a patch to unbreak it.)

When I'm actually not working, I enjoy family time, cooking, biking, homebrewing, and tending to a burgeoning tomato garden.

Thank you to my wife, who indulges my eccentric nerdities.

[1]For example, I'm troubleshooting some obscure layer of the Linux audio stack just so that I can join a Google Hangout, or I suddenly realized that the open source Markdown parser I started using in an important project does not parse linebreaks correctly, and now I have to spend half a day writing a PR that won't get even read for the next 2 months because apparently Google cannot afford to hire somebody to merge in free patches.
[2]I prefer "infosec" to "cyber", because "cyber" is what teens were doing on AOL in the 90's, and [hopefully] we do not use those same techniques for 21st century computer/network warfare. But I do enjoy listening to top ranking U.S. officials talk cyber cyber cyber.