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Coding Pedantics
Briefcase Locks

I like trying to describe technical concepts to non-technical people. Everybody deserves (and needs!) a basic understanding of the things they use and rely on every day. One of the most important things you use online is your password – or hopefully many different passwords.

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reCAPTCHA Is A Blight

I've noticed recently (more and more) that reCAPTCHA is getting really hard to solve. Really hard. Actually, it's frequently impossible. Google either needs to fix it or website owners need to stop using it.

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Somebody broke into my gmail account…

One day, I opened up my e-mail and found something unexpected:

Listing of suspicious e-mails

My inbox showed a bunch of emails that appear to be from my account (“me” in the left column) and sent with no subject line between 3:36 AM and 3:40 AM. I was definitely not awake at that time, and I was definitely not sending e-mails.

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