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Python 3 Search Engine

I've been using Python 3 exclusively for a few years now, but when I search for Python API docs, most search engine results point at the Python 2.7 docs. Python 2.7 will be end of life on January 1st, 2020, which is 5 months away as I'm writing this! Why does it keep showing up in my search results!?

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Encoding Tools: Assemblies

Back in June, I posted about a project called Encoding Tools, which is an open source, browser-based utility for transforming text and binary strings. The purpose of this project is partially to scratch an itch, but also to have some fun building a project that I can market publicly. This post is an update on the project.

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Introducing: Encoding Tools

If you are a programmer, pen tester, or reverse engineer, you probably find yourself needing to manipulate data between various representations, such as URL encoding, base64 encoding, etc. There are a lot of web sites and utilities to do this sort of thing interactively, but I've never been totally satisfied with any of them.

So… I built my own! Today I am releasing Encoding Tools, an open source, browser-based utility for transforming text and binary strings.

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Debugging A Memory Leak In Python

I recently ran into a memory issue with Python: a long-running script would use more and more memory until the kernel would eventually kill it. Python doesn't have "memory leaks" in the same sense that lower level languages do, but it is possible to tie up memory by maintaining a reference to it somewhere that you forgot about. As it turns out, there are some awesome tools for troubleshooting this kind of bug in Python.

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Prefix Sum Kernel Visualizations

I am taking the Coursera HPP course, and I just finished watching lectures 6-2 and 6-3. The visualizations of the prefix sum kernels in these two lectures are hard to understand because there are lots of curvy and overlapping arrows. I put together some cleaner, larger visualizations to show how these kernels work. Hopefully this will be of use to other Coursera students.

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CouchDB Views in Python

I've been interested in CouchDB lately, and since I'm primarily working in Python, I naturally want to use the two together. There's a pretty nice module called couchdb-python that makes it easy to get connected, create, edit, and delete documents, but the paucity of information on how to write CouchDB views in Python is laughable.

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