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My name is Mark Haase. I am a computer scientist focused on information security (ok fine… “cyber”) and machine learning (finnnnee… “AI”). This blog contains research, open source software, and ramblings about whatever random tech projects I have going on.

I taught myself to code at 13, learning BASIC from a book I found in the church library. My high school didn’t have computer science, so then I learned Java and Linux on my own. I earned a CS minor in college, and that grew into a 15+ years career. Underneath it all, I still love the immense satisfaction of building useful things out of abstract bits. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

The quirky and decentralized internet of the ‘90s turned into the slick walled gardens of 2020. Tech turned into a 21st century tobacco industry, abdicating its ethical duty and valuing stock options over human well-being. But that naive kid in me–the one that spent hours poring over code in a church library–still believes in the power of technology to improve and amaze the world.

Dedicated to my loves: Meredith, Megan, and Nicholas.

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