Encoding Tools gets Svelte

My modest goal for this website is to publish at least one post per year. And yet… here I am on Dec 27th like a 6th grader who didn’t start the science project until the night before it’s due. Much like the blog, my pet project Encoding Tools has been languishing for a while, but over the last few weeks I finally sat down and started working on it again.

Freedom Hosting 2: Conclusion

In this fourth and final post in the series, I will point out some remarkable items that didn’t fit into the more general analyses of the previous articles. I will also mention a few avenues of investigation that didn’t pan out. Finally, I will try to pull all of these loose threads together into some final conclusions. Unclustered Sites In the first post of this series, I used a clustering technique to identify sites that seemed to be running similar software.

Python 3 Search Engine

I’ve been using Python 3 exclusively for a few years now, but when I search for Python API docs, most search engine results point at the Python 2.7 docs. Python 2.7 will be end of life on January 1st, 2020, which is 5 months away as I’m writing this! Why does it keep showing up in my search results!?

Freedom Hosting 2: Overview

I’m a little late to the party on this post, but Freedom Hosting 2—a notorious shared hosting service on the dark web—was anonymously hacked in 2017. The hacker posted a dump of the databases and some of the configuration and code from the server. In this post, I’ll crack into the dump and show you a bit of my analytic process to make sense of this large mass of data.

Dark Web Map: Update to v2

I have been quiet about the Dark Web Map recently, mainly because I have been busy with other work. But now I want to tell you about a major update to the Dark Web Map: version 2! In this post, I’ll tell you what’s new, what’s changed, and the reasoning behind the development of v2.

Oracle Reports: My First CVE

In 2018, I had some downtime between work projects, so I waded into the world of bug bounty programs. I learned that I’m not a great bounty hunter: I only found 3 payable bugs after investing a lot of bug hunting time. On the upside, I found a bug in Oracle Reports that eventually turned into… my first CVE credit!